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Who Is Cherri?

Hi there Dolls (and any fashion loving fella’s! - heehee)

I go by my nickname Cherri (Yes as in the fruit!!!-I am a sweety, promise!lol*winks*)…courtesy of my Bestie and its stuck since. 

I am thee Hair Dye loving, Piercing addict, Heel obsessed, Fashion, Style and Beauty Blogger also known as a shopaholic!!! (Understatement!)

Blogging is one of my passions, alongside shopping (which I do best), So why not put my shopping habits to use and keep my dolls in the loop! - and that’s what I do!

Keep visiting - and be sure to follow me on Twitter - @Cherrimocha

Follow me and keep up with my latest adventures!

I am Cherri - and this is a segment of my life!


Cherri X

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